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HE           price 12,80- Euro/pce
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Mental and physical exhaustion. To face fearful odds. Fear of loosing control.

Anxiety. Fears. Fear of fears. Depressed mood. First aid in accidents and any traumatic experience. Take frequently. Creates a serene atmosphere. Can restore discords and very useful especially when all of the involved parties take it together. When in shock take even every ten minutes.



Is intended for all kind of acute ailments coming up. The sooner taken the better.

Has proven to be a life saver. Useful at home and certainly by travelling where septicaemia and food poisoning are threatening. Before and after vaccinations.


SothE  (Salt of the Earth)

Restores the communication within the cell, between the cells, your inner life and the universe. At the same time it reconstructs and reorganizes all incoming energies and information. It proved to clear up dark clouds in and around you!

It has a powerful effect on the immune system hence it's use in our standard 28 day Ven program



Is intended for all kind of female disorders and discomfort. Like puberty, menopause, but also grief, PND, to improve the hormonal regulation, state of mind, the circulatory system etc..



For all kind of male disorders and discomfort. Like mid-life mood swings. Excessive work load. Frenetic efforts. To get more done with less effort. To prevent sequels from overdoing things.


All dispensers contain ca 100 pills. All are good for animals too.